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There have been numerous instances where top sportspersons have been romantically involved with each other.It’s pretty common as sports bring different personalities close and the trend is in continuation till date.He was equally skilled in both, but ended up going into hockey.

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The couples are followed by paparazzi, who wants to know each and everything about them.

Some couples have managed to stay away from the limelight and have successfully managed to start the other phase of life but there are stories of painful breakups as well. Rory Mc Ilroy – Caroline Wozniacki Rory Mc Ilroy is a Northern Irish professional golfer who is a member of both the European and PGA Tours.

LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA: Detroit Red Wings' Sergei Fedorov talks with reporters after his team defeated the St.

Louis Blues', 6-1, to advance to the NHL Western Conference finals, May 19.

A statement posted on her official website last night, under the heading "I Am Not Married", said: "While I don't typically comment on my personal life, let me confirm once again that I am not married.

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