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If you have different data types stored in the same column please do not select this option. Gray; // Specify PDF document text font, size, and color Export To = pdf Font. However this way is good if you have homogeneous (similar) data for each MS Excel sheet column. Source Table Sheet Name = "Sheet1"; // Specify PDF output file path Export To PDFobject.output File Name = "C:\My Directory\My.pdf"; // Assign Export To PDFobject's properties // Specify grid appearance on PDF Export To = true; Export To Width = 0.1; Export To Color = Color. Red; // Specify PDF document title text, font, size, and color Export To PDFobject.

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However this way is good if you have heterogeneous (different) data types values (numbers, date or text) stored together in some MS Excel spreadsheets field. allow Excel Headers property is useful to define if the spreadsheet? Black; // Define columns headers' specific properties Export To PDFobject.

s column titles will be specified as column headers within generated PDF output file or not.

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