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Many of those reports remain here in on the World Sex Guide as a historical record. We still talk to one another each day and exchange photographs of all the escorts we meet all over the world.

If you would like to join our community then you are welcome to do so.

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Of course, it's hard not to wonder what working on a cruise ship is A recent Reddit chat took on this very question, asking cruise ship workers to spill their secrets. "We don't want you to know that we actually have more fun than the guests.

From the good to the unbelievable, here are the most shocking responses: 1. "We had a saying, 'Every night is a Friday night and every morning is a Monday morning. Sure we'll work the big white hot party that you're all going to, but once we finish our shift all hell is breaking loose in the crew bar.". "I went to Europe, Canada, South and Central America, Asia, and more.

World Sex Guide was an instant smash hit with millions of viewers worldwide reading the Internet's first sex guide.

In fact there were times when the server crashed every day.

It's even more the case if you've been in a relationship with someone for years - relationships get boring.

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