Updating and encryption

by  |  12-Oct-2019 04:29

It is recommended that customers do not install a demoted BIOS, for any reason, even if they have a local copy.

Always ensure that if a BIOS update is being carried out that the latest version is used.

On January 1, 2017, all companies that process credit card payments online must switch to the latest standard of encryption, known as Transport Layer Security 1.2, or TLS 1.2 for short.

Most credit card processing gateways will end support for TLS 1.1 come January 1.

After this date, transactions will fail on websites that have not connected to their payment gateway via TLS 1.2.

The BIOS revisions listed below have been found to cause an error with Bit Locker where it will not enable/resume when TPM is in TPM 2.0 mode.

If you have recently updated your system BIOS to the version below please update again to the new version shown from the Dell Support Site to resolve the issue.

I am trying to encrypt a lot of columns in a lot of tables.

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