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The actor admitted last year that he thought Mia was "wonderful", but he has previously been linked to actress Anna Strout. ""I find people who want to help other people to be the most interesting.

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She knows how to manipulate, how to withhold, how to get what she wants. at a club called Fabric, and when she walked in, I was playing ‘Galang.’ This was before she had a major record deal. Maya was into the whole terrorism gimmick at the time.

I have been going crazy over my channel and trying to get it as famous as possible so I can finally be location independent, work from anywhere and hopefully have more success in finding the man of my dreams than in freezing Toronto with its equally lifeless robot people who barely exchange eye contact with each other. Some of my girlfriends don’t think they are entitled to one due to work or school, but all I ever think about is lying on the hammock on the beach, not going to yet another club, lounge, bar and feeling bored and restless, which is how I feel a lot lately.

The pair recently met on the set of The Double and were seen chatting and kissing while eating outside a café.

They then walked around the streets of the city hand in hand.

When asked if he had any dating advice, the Social Network star said: "Oh god, I don't know, just be nice!

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