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My struggle as a young adult was to redefine myself completely. I live intensely." Both my hairstyle and my attitude are farther from today's "mainstream" than wearing a nose ring, using illegal drugs, being a "swinger", or pretending you hate people you don't even know.

in the same room with his parents and their family dog.

The couple told police the family pet had never shown aggression before.

Again, it was a mark for conservatism and a work ethic. In the US, the flattop is usually a man's hairstyle. Jermaine Jackson, brother to Janet and Michael, seen here. According to the authors, the Skarn, who seem to favor flattop haircuts, are noted for lawful alignment. Captain Steve Cox, USMC shows a senator around the Afghanistan prison base in Cuba Furqan gets his First Flat Top Jamie Stevens Cool Men's Hair -- high and tight military haircuts Alphonso Bertillon, early worker on criminal identificaiton. Bomb Pop Ashley -- bodybuilder Real Programmers Code in Binary Paul Maguire, football player Bill Mathis, football player Jim Norton, football player Walt Sweeney, football player Jarrell Wilson, football player Harry Jacobs, football player Randy Orton, wrestler. In fact, he may have saved the world by not telling his bosses what they needed to know. Also here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here (Detlef as philanthropist), and here. I get my flattop trimmed at Joe Vento's, 5106 Independence Avenue, KCMO 64124.

With its harsh lines and angles, a flattop suggests a work ethic, physical fitness, and an intense, serious approach to life. At his eulogy the speaker stated, "He charmed us with his own personal fashion movement -- his trade-mark flat-top hair-cut". Child's Play 3 Elvis's army induction crewcut was a flattop. Gus Grissom Gus Grissom and two other Apollo 1 astronauts at prayer Gus Grissom Gus Grissom Gus Grissom Gus Grissom's son also had a flattop Horseshoe Flattop Crew Cut clip art by Johnny Automatic Bob Sarnowski, also here. Kerwyn -- iconic figure from the D&D 3.5 Player's Handbook Sparty, the ceramic statue of Michigan State's mascot, has a flattop. Glenn "Fireball" Roberts, race car driver Wayne Brewer with a great flattop Bo Jackson once wore a flattop Colossus, the X-man, sometimes has a flattop. Chip Gizmo from "Beetle Bailey", new character Dan Ackroyd in "Chuck and Larry." His fireman gets called "pine head." Robert "Butch" Dole. The Fayette County Barber's Association has announced that the price of a flat-top haircut will increase from $1.50 to $1.75 next month. My cyberfriend Lewis Mc Dowell highly recommends Ray's Barber Shop, 1565 W. My cyberfriend Kristin Currier is a sometime hairstylist with a perspective to share.

In the 12-year period of 2005 through 2016, canines killed 392 Americans. The couple awoke to find the animal, a husky-shepherd mix, attacking the baby, Beaulieu said.

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