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Here are seven practical and insightful articles, full of sage advice for finding your soul mate...

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The next point to clarify is that one of the parties (and it doesn't matter which one) is willing to relocate if the two of them decide to marry. You've coordinated your schedules, purchased the airline ticket, and arranged for accommodations once you arrive in your date's home city. Plan to intersperse dates with activities you will do on your own.

It's a terrible idea to spend too much time together.

You recommend one date for 2 or 3 hours and then not another one for several days, and I've followed that advice. However, anyone considering long-distance dating should be aware of the inherent problems in dating a G. ("geographic undesirable") and how to avoid those problems.

It seems impractical to sit around a foreign place and wait a few days in-between dates!

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Dating advice for jewish

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