Cindy crawford is dating

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(Gerber only flew in from New York two hours ago, and though he says the drink will keep him going for the glittering launch party that evening, attended by both George and Cindy, I am pretty sure he would rather be upstairs with his wife, who he says is “probably taking a bath”).

Anyway, their Tequila is the result of years of hard…

Rande Gerber, husband of Cindy Crawford and business partner of George Clooney, has apparently been drinking all afternoon. Would it be rude to request a coffee, a tea, or some water, perhaps, instead?

“You’ll have to drink some too.” We are in the glamorous confines of the Berkeley hotel in Knightsbridge, and it has only just gone 4pm.

Casamigos tequila was set up by Clooney, Gerber and ‘long time friend’ Mike Feldman, and the name translates to ‘House of Friends’, named after the property in Mexico that Clooney and Gerber share.

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