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Volpe material also resides at the Massachusetts State Archives and at Wakefield High School.As governor, Volpe inherited Massachusetts' extensive system of patronage.With so many Online Dating Australia services at your fingertips that special someone shouldn't be too hard to find.

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Attleboro mutual liquidating trust woburn ma

As Federal Highway Commissioner and then as Secretary of Transportation, he championed traffic safety and the Federal Interstate Highway System, and was instrumental in the creation of AMTRAK. Correspondence and memoranda make up the majority of the collection.

Volpe died in 1994, survived by his wife and two children. Volpe often composed his official correspondence himself, and regularly issued memoranda; as a result, despite the official nature of the documentation, a clear picture of his personality and the nature of his personal relationships emerge in his writings.

Investments in Bonds and Notes Investments in bonds and notes, most of which are in U. Government obliga- tions, increased $4,640,459 during the year.

The present book value of $26,254,031 or 13.13% of total assets continues to represent a substantial segment of these assets.

8, Section B CONTENTS Central Credit Union Fund, Inc. Text PAGE 77 vii Credit Union Employees Retirement Association : Abstract of Annual Report ..... 8, Section B CREDIT UNIONS The statistical information provided in the following review and in supporting schedules and composite statements, relates to the twelve months' period from July 1, 1959 to June 30, 1960, inclusive.

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