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***SPOILER ALERT*** Game of Thrones plot-line revealed in the video. What’s ironic about this post, is that I just started watching “Game of Thrones.” As I usually do when dealing with heartbreak, instead of escaping into substance abuse, I escape into the world of TV for a day or two and binge on two or three seasons of a tv show.

Yep, probably not the healthiest, but it helps me cope.

Then I caught myself “holy fuckin shit, it is happening again”All this to say, that the promise of the personal computer / mobile phone the internet, as tools of two way, global communications, free information, blah-fuckin-blah, have become the new passive one way mass hypnotizer that TV once was, sedating billions with non-reality, while the fuckers up top laugh all the way to the bank.

This little fucking cunt has decided not to renew his contract with us depsite coming him kissing the badge coming out and saying his career will be Milan, he got a offer worth 5 fucking mil per year and decided to reject it.

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Keep in mind the legend Buffon gets 4 mil, he offerd him FUCKING 5 MIL YET HES LEAVING US.

Mobile fuck com

People don't want to see films with people they don't approve of in them." "But it's not like you've actually done anything immoral, have you? To which she replies, "No, no, no, I have." PHOTOS: Stars who've been cheated on After a rough few years in the spotlight, she says, she was sick of herself.…
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