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So we’re not sure what he could possibly be doing with Eddie or why he would kidnap Eddie, but it seems quite dangerous that it’s occurred, and it’s all about finding Eddie at that point. This week’s episode also reintroduces Gorilla Grodd — what was it like to shoot those scenes? This is one of those shows where you end up acting to almost nothing sometimes — maybe an X taped on the wall, or on a stick, or what have you — but just seeing what the renderings were for Grodd and how fantastically huge he is and obviously bigger than life, it’s pretty easy to imagine how horrifying that would be.

Joe is particularly horrified by normal gorillas, let alone a supernatural one…

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It’s ultra-realistic and a lot scarier than I ever imagined it would be.

Viewers might have some idea why Grodd is on a rampage, given his history with General Wade Eiling (Clancy Brown), but how much does Team Flash know about his motivations in the episode?

From those who lived it, the author recaptures a world where Daddy’s Oscar mattered, but not as much as being cool in school.

Anyone who was ever 16 years old in America remembers the milestone, perhaps even more than the first real kiss: the first car. But a handful of the very luckiest, who happened to live in certain privileged precincts of Southern California in a dear, departed past when innocence was not yet unfashionable, remember something even better: how they got their first cars—as promos.

Like any good parent, Joe always manages to justify keeping secrets from his kids under the guise of protecting them, but now Iris knows the truth about Barry — what can you say about the repercussions of him hiding that from her, once she finds out that Joe was in on it? Barry has his own way of reacting to those things, but Iris is a whole other story.

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