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This feature keeps new windows from opening in front and stealing focus.However, when unhiding Kou Chat from the system tray it’s usually because one wants to interact with the window, and the focus stealing prevention gets in the way. Here is how to disable for Kou Chat only: Right click on the title bar of the Kou Chat window, then click on Put the shortcut or script in the startup/autostart folder of your operating system to run automatically on boot.Username: Phone number with country code but without ' ' or '00', ie: 34123456789 Nickname: The name is going to appear in notifications.

When requesting the code, you can do it via SMS or voice call, in both cases you will receive a code like 123-456, that we will use for register the number. There is no limit of how many users you can track with presence subscription.

Example of output once requested code: Sometimes the message is 'sent' but never arrives, this is because of the mobile networks, you can check the F. When to subscribe for presence (call send Presence Subscription)?

The number of "unread message" is the number of new messages displayed/received since you visited the buffer.

command is an IRC command, so it applies only for IRC buffers (servers and channels).

You may have noticed the new Facebook Chat Sidebar when you logged in to Facebook recently.

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