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Take the MFD pickups, for example: their Magnetic Field Design gives these pickups a characteristic sweet and clear tone.

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17/11/2015 The Fender Special Edition Standard Stratocaster (Maple Fingerboard, Black) and Fender Champion 100 (Snow White Limited Edition) are two new, stunning Fender FSR models. 05/06/2015 John Lennon's first Gibson acoustic guitar, a J-160e, which was stolen after a Christmas concert in 1963 and remained lost for 50 years, will be auctioned later this year.

Cet article est une ébauche concernant une entreprise et la guitare.

9 Inventions Intended For Military Use But Used Daily By Everybody There are quite a few military inventions that found their way to the general public and are part of our civilian lives. Epi Pen The auto-injecting syringes used to inject epinephrine into your system in cases of severe allergic reactions were derived from a similar device that was o...

Resurfacing Of Star Wars: North Korean Threats Lead Congress To Reconsider Space Defense Which was heavily feared and anticipated among national security planners, the testing of an intercontinental ballistic missile by Kim Jong Un’s regime poses the theoretical capability of striking Alaska.

Fender intente alors et gagne des procès contre ces marques pour reprendre leur idée et produire à partir de 1982, au Japon, des instruments sous la marque Squier (les premiers modèles auront d'ailleurs un gros logo Fender et un petit Squier sur la crosse du manche).

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