Hannah hooper christian zucconi dating

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recently caught up with Hooper and Zucconi to discuss where the band's heading and where it's been.

MATT MULLEN: What was the writing process like for the album?

We caught up with lead singer and keyboardist Hannah Hooper to talk about the new record, what it’s like to be in the one indie band signed to a major label that doesn’t seem to have anything resembling an image, and painting the album artwork for the band.

I normally don’t like asking a question that bands get asked all the time, but you guys meeting in Crête is a little too interesting.

We wanted to step out of our comfort zone and just take a risk and try working with someone else and Phil is so awesome and we love his records.

Seattle is our one of favorite places to visit and play and to live there for three months in the middle of winter was fucking awesome and was a great environment to hole up and make music so it was cool to experience that. I’m going to be the person I am for her which is a good sensitive dude who is always going to be there for her.

I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind running through how the band was formed?

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