Romantic dating stories

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(My husband and I often visit a nearby convenience store that opened recently.Aside from being a gas station primarily, it also has a deli/food area with touch screens for ordering fresh-made food.Here are the stories of love, heartache, and regret that seven of them shared: "In 2008, I landed my first job in television production by responding to a Craigslist ad.

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Patterson planned on going down the aisle in a wheelchair.

But then-fiancee Stuart Patterson literally took matters into his own hands when he carried his future wife up to the altar.

We’re perusing the options when we see something new…)(Turned out that if you don’t select either option, it came with no salt, so adding the “no salt” option to the screen was a little redundant.

Now, every time we order a pretzel there, we make a joke about the salt/no salt options.)(This is before cell phones are common.

And we LOVED how happy the athlete was to have businessman Steven laughing at her plethora of cheesy jokes.

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