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Updating the icrp human respiratory tract model

Radiation particularly associated with nuclear medicine and the use of nuclear energy, along with X-rays, is 'ionizing' radiation, which means that the radiation has sufficient energy to interact with matter, especially the human body, and produce ions, it can eject an electron from an atom.

X-rays from a high-voltage discharge were discovered in 1895, and radioactivity from the decay of particular isotopes was discovered in 1896.

Comments can be sent to the CDW Secretariat via email at [email protected] All comments must be received before March 15, 2017. Lead exposure and the motor developmental status of urban six-year-old children in the Cincinnati Prospective Study.

If this is not feasible, comments may be sent by mail to the CDW Secretariat, Water and Air Quality Bureau, Health Canada, 3 Floor, 269 Laurier Avenue West, A. Comments received as part of this consultation will be shared with the appropriate CDW member, along with the name and affiliation of their author.

The CDW has requested that this document be made available to the public and open for comment.

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