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Hungry for down-to-earth girl to share meals with, shoplift spray paint and post bail money for me. Pretty feet and experience blasting unmanned lumber saws a bonus. Also looking to hook up with SFA, moderately angry, preferably clean driving record, nothing too serious lovewise, to take part in rallies, smoke cloves, etc. S., hoping to find love, DMA, 41, Yul Brenner looks, Gandhi sensitivity, taxidermist, enjoys reading Whitman, Delillo, Marx, Dentistry for Dummies.

Desires sensitive East Coast lovely to cuddle, listen to Leonard Cohen, share Turkish hookah, list complaints about world's fate.

Don't Need Boyfriend SFFA, 21, hates selling herself like this, likes to stomp around in big boots, punk rock, badass kitty, got stitches, rarely suffers fools.

Wants 25-30 SMFA who can hold his liquor and his ice cream, knows how to listen, is willing to spend all night with me at Kinko's copying literature for teach-ins. A Little to the Left Radical SFA, 24, 5'3", 107 lbs., looking for thoughtful, leftist S or DMA, motivated by injustice, willing to stand for beliefs, more reliable than Internet connections, more comforting than my last boyfriend or Valium, watches MST3K. Animal Lover Calm and kind DFL, 29, 5'4", 112 lbs., restless eco-ethicist, loves to work in garden, cook vegetarian, seeks adorable non-adolescent DML with similar beliefs on animal liberation and how to prepare a green salad, who'll remember my birthday, make me laugh till I pee. Brazen Hussy Dust-free, always groovin', loves the Northwest, Earth First reactionary, hosts own show: Propaganda & Variety Hour, Ch. Tues., slim SFFA seeks same, a little bold, in opposition of human traditions, tired of faking it, emotional baggage limited to one carryon.

The latter is banned or suffered from poor families the ability to capitalize.

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