Akanishi jin boa dating

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Akanishi jin boa dating

Also, Akanishi’s agency released a statement denying the boyfriend -girlfriend rumour that said “We are not going out.” The rumour started when Kuroki and Akanishi were seen at Tokyo Disney Sea on January 22, 2012; however, they were not by themselves, they were with a group of friends.

Although, Kuroki and Akanishi would look gorgeous together; however, if they did become a couple, their busy careers would break the two apart.

Firstly, is that she might be f**king Jin Akanishi.

She responded to a question about spending time with that special someone, and Jin instantly tweeted back at her. Weak album sales or acute nephritis wasn't the reason for her Spin the music tour being canceled.

Back in April of 2005, Bo A became the center of a widespread love scandal when Friday reported it had spotted her intimately close with KAT-TUN member Akanishi Jin at a club.

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