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by  |  21-Oct-2019 17:03

Most often, your wardrobe will evolve naturally as your life changes.

Clothes don’t last forever, and replacing old pieces often opens an opportunity to update your look.

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teen advice on dating - Updating clothes

Instead of throwing out all your out-of-date jeans and sweaters, these DIY projects will give you some great tips and tutorials on how to transform those old clothing pieces into stylish ready-to-wear outfits.

From beautifully embellished leather jackets to sequin-encrusted maxi skirts, these DIY clothing projects are a great cost-effective way to update your closet with new and exciting pieces.

Or come across a hat that immediately makes you think of someone who’d love it? It’s just a matter of finding the style that best fits you.

A skilled tailor can work downright miracles on overworn (and underworn) clothes for a fraction of what you would spend buying something new.

Go for contrast (in color or texture) so that the extension looks intentional, says Kormos.

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