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The expanded reach will help Facebook challenge SMS, as well as third-party, free texting apps like Pinger and Whats App, which we’ve heard Facebook has been considering acquiring.Messenger for Android will be free and for now will show zero ads, giving it an advantage over similar communication apps that are paid or ad-supported.

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At the next page you will be asked to install the code to your website. If you chose manually in last step, you have the option to do that here, or skip this step 7. If applicable, you will get an option to install a browser extension, install or skip for now 10. You will now be sent to the chat app main dashboard 11. Send us the email address that you used to sign up back in step number 2 and we will connect your account to your website 12.

Once complete, account will be created and the site will redirect you 4. Next you can add more agents by importing some contact, ( you are already an agent with the email you signed up with ) or add manually later 6. Next option will let you know about the apps you can download and install, or continue working in the browser app for now 9.

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