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“There are a lot of black British actors in these movies,” the actor told Hot 97 on Tuesday (via The Guardian).“I tend to wonder what ‘Get Out’ would have been like with an American brother who really feels that.” The satirical horror film, which has grossed over million since its release on Feb.24, stars British actor Daniel Kaluuya as a young black man named Chris Washington who takes a weekend trip to the country to visit his white girlfriend’s family.

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Speaking at an evidence session for the Labour Party's inquiry into access and diversity in the performing arts, Jumbo accused drama schools of squeezing out budding actors from a diverse or working class background by failing to provide enough support.

She told Labour MPs Gloria de Piero and Tracy Brabin: 'I didn't go to America, I didn't run to America, I didn't even ask for America, I just took a plane there and suddenly everyone was telling me you're so talented would you like 52 jobs.'Jumbo, who plays Lucca Quinn in The Good Wife and its follow-up The Good Fight, accused Britain of 'pulling the plug' on its talent, adding: 'I would like nothing more than to be working on television and in film in this country.'I'm just going to go over to Amazon because they will (cast me in a lead role) and they pay for it.

Why are brown men so infatuated with white women onscreen, Buzz Feed writer Imran Sidiquee asks in his essay of the same name.

Why do they overlook and underrepresent women of color in order to date white women is the question I ask.

It is public record that Kaluuya had to sue the London Metropolitan Police for assault and false imprisonment just three years ago.

Actors dating black women

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