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But rest assured - if the site keeps growing, we will surely need new moderators. PS: I'll post a blog entry again when we're looking for one~ :) I have probably said this over and over - but keep it in mind if you are about to invite somebody to the site. This is due to me not having Windows to debug the stuff here. Please use Firefox, Chrome, Safari or anything that is eighter Web Kit or Mozilla based. Hey everyone, hope you've had a nice stay at the hotel so far!

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..the result is a headache, and another headache, a new moderator, a rule agreement, some To S and some code fixes I am applying now. For one, I want to say HAPPY WELCOME to all the new people and wish them a pleasant stay - if anybody has questions, please ask.

As this site used to be small before, I never typed up rules.

Just wanted to let you know I AM NOW TAKING OVER MWAHAHAHHA......no, not really.....still working on that evil master-plan...... I figure that being a moderator and such that I'd host an event, so here it is!

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