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She used to take a well balanced diet with mixture of all the necessary ingredients.Sen ate every two hours, and drank vegetable juices.

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(4) If it can be managed, the bridge will be ready to- day. (6) If he escapes danger this year, he will have a long life. (8) Were you to see my condition at all hours, you would wonder how I keep alive.

(14) Who took away the pens, ink, and paper hence ? 7Oi (1) Nau aur unis aur untis milkar sattawan hote hain. (3) I will narrate my adventures if you wish to hear them.

Following the Russian violation of the agreement that recognized Ibrahim Khalil Khan and his descendants as rulers of Karabakh in perpetuity, According to a prominent historian who hailed from the Karabakh Khanate - Mirza Adigozal Bey; "The power of the Karabakh beylerbeylik covered a vast territory – from the Georgian border near “Sinig Korpu” Bridge (currently “red Bridge”) to Khudafarin Bridge on the Araz river.

However, following the collapse of Safavid Empire and the death of Nader Shah Afshar in 1747, the Safavid domain split into several khanates with various forms of autonomy.

During the Safavid rule, Karabakh was for almost two centuries governed by the Turkic-speaking clan of Qajar, as they were apppointed governors of the Ganja-Karabakh province.

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