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And networking is about finding people who are influential in your chosen field, then connecting with them.

This search tool finds Google , Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Slide Share, Pinterest and You Tube Pages and Profiles that are related to the search made.

p H7CMS is a Professional, Free and Open Source PHP Social Dating Software primarily designed for Web Developers and Webmasters.

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In Droid Pro, go to "Settings" - Philips will phase out the Fidelio Android app and replace it with the new Dock Studio app. The Philips Fidelio app brings a suite of cool, new features to your Philips Fidelio docking speaker, including automatic Bluetooth connection, Songbird music player, worldwide Internet radio, sound settings control…

Simple yet powerful and comprehensive currency application, supporting all major global currencies and metals.

We've migrated a user database to vld Personals recently due to socialengine's slow performance.

Out of curiosity I checked the database query log - they have almost 184 mysql queries each time member's public profile page is displayed, and that's in production mode that supposedly has caching enabled! Yeah I tested the 30 day demo it is really slow even on a vps host the script is really big and the template structure is kinda complicated I like the Facebook-like wall that it has and the batch photo upload but the performance is not the best I will stick vld .

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