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Cuban by ancestry, Milian who was born September 26, 1981 had known since the age of sheer four that her heart was set on entertainment business.

Soon after her birth, the family moved to Maryland and later on decided to settle there with her two younger sisters.

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Although each victim of domestic violence may have circumstances that make her experience unique, there is always a thread of commonality that unites all. The abuser wants to wield his or her control over the victim (Note: I do not use the term "victim" as a synonym for "weak". Christina knew from the age of four that she wanted to be an entertainer. The relationship changed from him being a funny and sarcastic guy to being an asshole, in a joking style. He started talking down about my friends so bit by bit, I was getting rid of my friends. When I finally released it and I heard myself talk about it with family and friends it became therapy.

Milian, 35, first hit the Billboard charts in 2000 when she was featured on the song “Between Me and You,” by rapper Ja Rule.

His very public cheating no doubt played a role in their divorce.

Yet, Christina rarely offers commentary on her romantic tryst. Are you repeating the cycle of abuse in recent and new relationships?

Liking this on-screen job, she agreed to make a brief appearance in one of the episodes of TV series Sister, Sister (1994).

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