Fuck with malay girl - Updating paper provisional driving licence

by  |  21-Apr-2020 05:46

But drivers with old-style paper licences — of whom there are more than 7m — can continue to use them and will not have to change to a photocard unless their details change or the licence expires, which is usually the day before the holder’s 70th birthday.

Do you or any of your customers have old-style paper driving licences?

Have you wondered what will happen to these paper licences once the paper counterpart to the photocard is abolished on 8 June 2015.

Paper licences remain valid until they expire (when the driver reaches 70 years of age) and will then be replaced with a photocard licence.

From now on, penalty points and other information, such as disqualifications, will be stored electronically on each driver’s record kept by the DVLA.

But from June 8, the Government’s Driver and Vehicle Driving Agency (DVLA) says all paper counterparts will be invalid and should then be ‘destroyed’.

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