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updating pclinuxos-84

NOTE - Tahoma font installs properly on Backtrack 4 Pre Release.

(Tested 6/15/09) NOTE - Tahoma font can be installed by copying it from your windows pc to a flash drive and then putting it in a hidden folder (on your linux pc) named .fonts (you may have to make the folder0 in your root directory (Tested in kbuntu 10/16/09) The Tahoma font can be installed using winetricks with the command without a windows install to copy it from.

Make and name a directory with the corresponding GZDoom version/revision, build type and copy gzdoom, gzdoom.pk3, lights.pk3, brightmaps.pk3 and liboutput_to it: cd "$HOME"/gzdoom_build && \ BACKUPGZDOOM="$(sed -n 's/.*#define GIT_DESCRIPTION "\(.*\)".*/\1/p' gzdoom/src/gitinfo.h)\ $(sed -n 's/.*CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE: STRING=\(.*\)/\-Build Type\1/p' gzdoom/build/CMake Cache.txt)" && \ mkdir -pv "$BACKUPGZDOOM" && \ cp -v gzdoom/build/ "$BACKUPGZDOOM" The following steps have commands that require to be run as superuser with the sudo command.

If you want to install GZDoom, do the following: Make /usr/games/gzdoom and /usr/games/gzdoom-alpha directories: This page has helped you compile GZDoom, but perhaps you are interested in debugging the code or submitting code changes or fixes for inclusion.

This really is a distribution for everyday computer users who surf the web, create documents, do a bit of microblogging or online interaction via Facebook etc. I'm not a fan of the classic menu that is installed by default but that was easily swapped out and I did have a KDE crash message appear although it never had any effect on the running system.

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