Sexually intimidating women

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That is why it is not common among women to look at men lustfully (as much as men do look at women) in the western societies where open sexuality is common among people. Knowing the above facts, it is important for us as good Muslims or good followers of Allah Almighty to reduce wickedness in our society to the very minimum.It is generally the men who seek the women and look at them lustfully. For these reasons, Allah Almighty ordered women to cover up so that they don't look sexually intimidating, and He ordered men not to touch women whom those men are not their "mahram" (guardians).Sexual harassment can include someone: If someone is sexually harassing you in a way that causes you to feel humiliation, pain, fear or intimidation, then this can be considered sexual assault.

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If you’re being sexually harassed, you might: No one deserves, or asks, to be sexually harassed.

Everyone has the right to work and live in an environment that’s free from harassment, bullying, discrimination and violence. Here are some things you can do: Talk to the offender You can try resolving the situation quickly yourself by explaining to the person who is harassing you that their behaviour is unwanted.

‘Sexual harassment’ is any form of unwelcome sexual behaviour that’s offensive, humiliating or intimidating. Being sexually harassed affects people in different ways.

If you’re experiencing harassment, there are many things you can do about it.

Both men and women can be the victims of sexual harassment.

Sexually intimidating women

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