Dating your fender

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We don't have much data on the serial numbers, but you can still determine the production year by looking inside the piano.

There are two 4-digit date codes, one on the pickup rail and one on the tonebar rail.

Remember, your amp is newer than the newest component.

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Kerry then began removing the screws that held the guitar's neck to its body, raising a question for everyone who owns a Fender electric guitar: Is this a maneuver you should try on your own?

"My advice would be, 'Don't try this at home,'" Kerry told us. "The angle at which the neck is joined to the body is critical in maintaining the 'action,'" he said.

The code on the pickup rail is located on the right-hand side, beneath the part number.

The first two digits indicate the week of the year, and the last two indicate the year (e.g.

On the inside wall of your amp cabinet, there may be a tube location sticker which shows the tube layout, model number, production location etc..

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