Worship 4 today pt 3 consolidating and expanding horizons Dating browse de 2014

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The Baptist Movement had its source in the pattern and the experience of the Christian community of the New Testament Era.

As a denomination, however, Baptists emerged as a part of the Protestant Reformation which took place in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in Britain and Continental Europe.

Such rapid expansion did not allow for complete consolidation; and the Spanish were able to take advantage of what had been a recent incorporation of numerous regional ethnic groups and the resentments that the Inca victory had created among the ethnic lords.

Some of these, like , lord of Xauxa, the earliest colonial capital, lived long enough after 1532 to testify before a Spanish court of inquiry that he regretted having opened the country to the Europeans.

The consequent right of such persons who held to experiences 'direct access' to God to regulate their own affairs without interference from 'outsiders'.

The outsider was variously defined, again depending on the time, place and circumstances: civil authorities; other religious groupings; other nations.

The thing is that the idea of projecting myself into a hypothetical future makes me want to throw up, and to stare at the horizon gives me unbearable headaches. And certainly, he can see further beyond the horizon of art professionals (curators, artists, and critics), who, gathered here for the Venice Biennale, can only imagine what extends beyond the limits of their obstructed views and can only dream of whats big yacht from mooring by the Grand Canal.

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