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I [recently made a change] in my career -- it was such a noisy time in both good and bad ways.People kept showing me so much love and were so invested in my career that it made me take a step back to kind of reflect on some things and just made me want to tell it.

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Martinez, who is now a staple at Hot's competitor, Power 105.1, admits that though the writing process was difficult, it was also therapeutic and allowed her to document a piece of radio history.

Tupac's Original Version of ' Dear Mama' Surfaces"Martinez also expanded on her ' Pac interview, representing for women in hip-hop and motherhood.

She also took a jab at Q-Tip accusing the rapper of being gay.” “One of my co-workers is dating Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest,” Wendy allegedly wrote on her website. I guess some women like men who like men.” , Angie shared details about her reaction to the situation. “Every rapper you could think of in that era, I had heard Wendy Williams call them gay. Like every one of them.” After a while, Angie got tired of Wendy’s statements and decided to take matters into her own hands. It was actually kind of funny, even in the moment.” Apparently, the fight is actually the reason Wendy was eventually fired. Of course, Wendy’s loyal fans weren’t pleased and Angie actually revealed she received threats from the talk show host’s fans.

At one of the radio station’s Tribeca offices, she and Wendy had it out. But, she believes Wendy was bound to come across “the wrong one” because of how she treats people.

Now, Angie has spilled the tea about the one time Wendy took things a bit too far.

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