Ero web chat - Requirements for updating fire suppresion system

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The system balances the worker's right to know with industry's right to protect confidential business information.

To this end, WHMIS includes a mechanism for ruling on claims for exemption from disclosure of confidential business information on labels and MSDSs as well as appeals to these rulings.

Why do I need to have hinges installed on my exhaust fan? Many members service multiple states, so make sure to check states adjacent to yours.

Why do I need access panels installed in my exhaust system? You can search by zip code, company name or by state.

This manual is issued primarily to provide direction to those who are concerned with the administration and enforcement of the federal supplier MSDS and labelling requirements of Canada's Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) established under the The utility of the reference manual will be enhanced by referring to the index.

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