Jessi cruickshank and dan levy dating

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Dan Levy – Co Host Dan Levy co-hosts the popular MTV programs, The After Show and The Hills After Show along with fellow host Jessi Cruickshank.

He has a humorous take on investigative journalism and explores various elements of pop culture and tries to determine whether or not they’re worth our time.

Lainey not only refutes that she’s the same woman who gave Lago the bronzejob, but she also tells her side of the story behind the “alleged” Phelps make-out attempt. I am the person now being accused of getting Scotty Lago kicked out of Vancouver.

I am the person Michael Phelps believed was trying to set them both up. Here’s what went down: Jessi Cruickshank and Dan Levy from MTV’s The Aftershow and I were assigned to party duty during the Olympics for Olympic Morning on CTV. So the three of us, we were invited to attend the Omega party hosted by Michael Phelps. I didn’t approach Phelps in some seedy f-cking bar and corner him and force myself onto his lap.

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