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Kathy Sierra, who won a large following by blogging about designing software that makes people happy, became a target of anonymous online attacks that included photos of her with a noose around her neck and a muzzle over her mouth.As women gain visibility in the blogosphere, they are targets of sexual harassment and threats.

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In August of 1998 the was held under the sponsorship of California State University at Northridge.

For three days conference directors presented an unending stream of explicit pornography, all under the guise of academic analysis.

As we grew older, Star Wars cards eventually gave way to encyclopedic knowledge on movies, music, anime. And yet Rick still wondered whether changing my gender presentation would affect that bone-deep love.

Rick even found a way to make sports nerdy with his encyclopedic knowledge of the history and statistics of any given game. He wasn’t the only one; I found this reaction common for many of the people with whom I shared the news of my transition.

While there are many positive things associated with, Twitch chat from my own point of view can be extremely insulting and toxic.

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