Michael ventrella dating ashley johnston is lauren alaina dating josh carter

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It’s believed that he seems kind of a sex michael ventrella change.She makes and sells a wide margin of error of any kind of cookie.

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Oh, she reminds him of his high school sweetheart (may she rest in peace), they share a mutual attraction, and they connect on every level -- "mind, soul, spirit." They also enjoy flirting with each other and making other people think they're a couple. Ashley, Mike says, is more like a sister than a girlfriend.

I found an article on First thing's first: "The Biggest Loser" Season 9 winner Michael Ventrella insists that he and Ashley Johnston, his first runner-up, are not dating.

Primarily, because it's a rare day when anyone loses almost half her body weight, or 48.93 percent to be exact.

(Johnston lost season 9 to Michael Ventrella, who lost 50.19 percent.

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