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In fact, at least for me, meeting guys in dance clubs was the last place I was interested in doing so. then i saw this nice looking girl who was dancing with a friend girl. i thought a club is an easy place to dance with girls. i dont know what to do when it comes to flirting with swiss women, please helpim from america and i just moved to switzerland. there was this guy i knew from a long time ago who invited me to a club here with his girlfriend. i was dancing with his friends who were all guys though.

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There are worse places to be exiled than Switzerland.

The tax arrangements are congenial, the air is crisp, the strudel and skiing are world-class, and the trains, famously, run on time.

Whether the disability is mental or physical, there’s a need for sex-related services for disabled people.

But there are no set answers on how best to fulfil those needs.“Can I give you a hug? This irritates – and even frightens – the women he approaches on the street.

A friend told me about the Klaus-Grawe-Institute in Zurich.

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