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You might remember the Scarborough Storefront, which I visited at the very beginning of our HIGHRISE project, and featured in our .

The Storefront is a collection of agencies organized in a “hub” model: they share space, staffing and administration to bring in as many opportunities as possible under one roof to a severely service-deprived neighbourhood. It’s only 1 kilometre away from a last month’s tragic shooting, which killed 2 people and injured 20.

Sponaugle, most detox and rehab programs are ineffective because they do not address the root problem.

hi PSC-derived cardiomyocytes integrated into host myocardium and generated organized sarcomeric structures, and endothelial and smooth muscle cells contributed to host vasculature.

Trilineage cell transplantation significantly improved left ventricular function, myocardial metabolism, and arteriole density, while reducing infarct size, ventricular wall stress, and apoptosis without inducing ventricular arrhythmias.

Conventional medicine and most of society have long viewed addictions as pathological behavior over which the sufferer is expected to have a great deal of control. Sponaugle, has led to conventional treatments that basically try to talk the patient out of a biochemical craving.

Sponaugle, who trained as an anesthesiologist, intensive care specialist, and pain management specialist, was horrified early in his career to see physicians allowing their addicted patients to undergo painful and dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

si RNAs, however, have a relatively short half-life and thus we are addressing the stabilization and intravesical delivery of si RNAs.

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