west vivadating com - Flo rida and pleasure p dating

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Most people thought it was odd both of these ni**gaz showed up on the bad girls club together but you know they didn't go to the house alone they went with other bi*ches and ni**s because pleasure p aka Marcus Cooper does not play that game.Rapper Flo Rida had fueled rumors that he's gay after he allegedly posted a picture on Instagram that revealed his sexuality.

The woman was with friends at a house when Cooper allegedly pushed her into a room. Justin Akeen Fedrick, 27, (left) and Keon Dellshai Gordon, 26 (right), are both seen in previous mugshots.

They are on the run from law enforcement after allegedly raping a woman to 'teach her about dating black men' in Clermont, Florida, on June 22 The pair raped then sexually battered her, according to police, and left her inside.

"Pleasure P the guy from 'Pretty Ricky' is dating rapper Flo Rida.

It started a few years ago when they met to work on a song for P's mixtape and album.

Moreover, Alexis claimed that she cannot afford the child care and can't go to work leaving her child.

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