Updating your resume tips

by  |  18-May-2020 12:34

Just as it’s impractical to have a resume that’s too long, it’s also unwise to have a resume that’s difficult to read. Dense blocks of single-spaced text discourage hiring managers from reading your resume whereas “white space draws the reader’s attention to important points,” says Mark Daniel writing for Linked In.

Your goal in creating a resume is to make it an effective marketing tool.

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When your resume works the doors of opportunity open for you, when it doesn’t they don’t.

Your resume is a document that captures your education, experiences, involvement, and skills.

CDI members will educate clients on one service per week in September, including the Resume Update, Cover Letter Development, Interview Preparation and Job Search Strategy.

If you’re wondering what it takes to have an effective resume that will win you interviews, keep this in mind: Your resume is a living document that must be regularly updated to reflect your professional growth. In those days, it was also regular operating procedure to send the same version of our resume to all prospective employers.

Job security is now a thing of the past, so we all need to think more carefully about job change and how that impacts our financial security.

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