Horror dating

by  |  25-Feb-2020 16:32

Miami girls know better than to go out with just anyone on Valentine's Day — they're better off treating themselves to a box of chocolate and a bottle of wine than taking a chance on a potentially nightmarish night out with Mr. Read on for some of the worst dating horror stories we've ever heard.

But while all those yacht parties and late nights out may seem like fun and games to the untrained observer, Miami women know that the city's taste for quick and dirty fun breeds one hell of an ugly dating scene.

And we mean ugly: Some men live at home well into their thirties so they can afford the payments on their leased BMW 5 Series.

One small square window peeks out of the house’s triangular attic, while two square windows sit below it.

Unlike a structure born from a child’s imagination, though, this was a house of nightmares.

"I went on a date with a guy who drummed in a Kiss tribute band.

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