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Eight years doesn’t seem like a long time but the world has changed dramatically in that span.I was 23 and fresh out of school with a head full of ideas and a heart aching to make its mark on the world.

Thankfully, the scientific community has risen to the challenge of this disease in virtually all ways, and improved management options are now available for patients, families, and their physicians.

Many clinicians are unaware of the accelerating pace of discovery into AD, with a generation of clinical trails poised to test definitive strategies against the amyloidosis believed to cause the disease. Practice parameter: Management of dementia (an evidence-based review).

Clinical and translational research efforts have culminated in the regulatory approval of the first generation of medications for treating AD symptoms, the cholinesterase inhibitors (Ch EIs).

Efforts regarding vascular and other AD risk factors have provided primary care physicians with clearer targets for reducing these risk factors and the possibility of delaying the onset of this disease—a consequence with huge public health implications.

Emperor Wu changed period titles every five years or so, going through a total of eleven reigning slogans during his reign from 140 BC to 87 BC. For instance, the first era name of Emperor Wu was Jianyuan (, jiànyuán), literally meaning "establishing the First".

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