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Prior to Aaron Sorkin joining the project, early versions of the script depicted President Andrew Shepherd as a military veteran and former special ops agent.

Rob Reiner discussed the lead role with Bruce Willis and Steven Seagal before Sorkin's rewrites transitioned Shepherd to a more academic character.

Basically they were turned into extended dialogues where the hero will say three or four sentences worth of clunky Rand dialogue (which works a lot better on paper) and then the villain will respond with an obvious looter one liner like, “But what about the public good!? Then everyone just stands around staring, or in the case of Rearden’s speech, clapping. You are right about the movement and progression of the film.

It seems like the director responded well to the common criticism of AS1 that it was too many slow board rooms and not enough plot progression.

“I can’t think of a more perfect class of actors to portray this seemingly dysfunctional family, which I think we can all relate to in one way or another in our own families.” Gunn will take on the role of Gaffigan’s character’s first wife, while Mathis will be playing the role of his second wife. Producers are Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Karen Kehela Sherwood of Imagine Entertainment, and Amanda Marshall of Cold Iron Pictures.

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