Problems updating flash player on mac

by  |  22-Apr-2020 09:59

Note that I did not experience this problem with prior versions of the OS (i.e. This time I went one step further and used a different default browser to locate, download and install (what I presumed was the latest version of) Flash Player. My question is, why does my default browser point to an older version of the installation software, and how can I resolve this?Also, correct me if I am wrong but, the reason I have a 'later' version of the software (that is, version is due to the OS upgrade?Instead, Adobe has an uninstaller for the Flash player.

I do not recall ever upgrading Adobe Flash Player....

Not sure whether or not this is relevant, but I also have Adobe Creative Suite 5 installed on my system (which was also successfully upgraded during all OS upgrades).

Those old versions were flagged by Secunia because they had security vulnerabilities (a nice word for bug, which is itself, a nice word for a mistake by a programmer).

, this is now an important issue because the latest version of the Flash player fixes nine bugs, some of them critical (Adobe's term, not mine).

UPDATE: Did a bit more searching on the Adobe forums and found a link to a previous version of Adobe Flash Player version

Problems updating flash player on mac

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