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This view is further hindered by the common perception that policies, procedures and processes are merely stagnant reference documents, which underestimates their true value.

To grasp that value, you must understand the meaning of the policies, procedures and processes and their true function in the business.

Gurdip Rai, HR advisor for Hillingdon Association of Voluntary Services (HAVS) speaks about the process she follows to update her organisation's HR policies.

They have a total of 13 staff, 10 trustees and 6 volunteers.

In either instance, once the software is deployed it is important to look at the on-going management of your policies and procedures. Policy management is a dynamic and continual process that requires regular monitoring and review of policies and procedures. The answer depends on several factors, including the size and type of your healthcare organization, the complexity of your processes, and the number of standards and regulations you’re required to observe.

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