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they look so good in ALL IN but in real life their relationship just seem not real. Please post some pics of their respective partners if you can...thanks!

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Kekeke--caugtcha~It's just a cute joke Hyun Joong fans, breathe yourselves~On May 2nd, Hyori was the guest for SS501's Young Street radio to congradulate her "little brothers".

On that day, the DJs were Hyun Joong, Kim Hyung Joon and Park Jung Min (not sure if they rotate or if it's just them 3 all the time, but it was them) and they all had a chance to each act out a dating scene with Hyori without scripts and were expected to kind of show a glimpse of their real personalities on a date--And then after they're done, fans who listened to the segment were to text in and say who was the coolest guy guy to date.

Soon after the press and film wrapped, the two were spotted arm in arm in Venice Beach looking like quite the lovers.

Sturgess said that before he met Doona he was "worried about playing lovers in the film and wasn't sure how to show chemistry when the two couldn't communicate." Doesn't seem like that turned out to be a problem now did it Mr. While filming one of the biggest Korean dramas of all time, "All In," actors Lee Byung Hun and Song Hye Kyo fell in love with each other, sparking one of the most-talked about celebrity relationships in Korean entertainment.

The two only lasted a year and went their separate ways soon after.

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