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Born Chresanto August, he gained recognition under the stage name Roc Royal as a member of the popular band Mindless Behavior, along with Prodigy, Ray Ray, and Princeton.In 2015, he began recording and performing as a hip-hop and R&B singer under the name Santo August.

Mindless Behavior formed in 2008, and trained for two years before releasing music to the public.

He and his bandmates appeared as the opening act for Janet Jackson's 2011 tour. He became a father at the age of 16 when his girlfriend Desiree Dezhaee gave birth to a son.

While the screenshots have since been deleted by Jay, who claims that he posted the conversations after being continuously harassed by Perez, they did show the two exchanging some harsh words with one another.

The last message that Versace that was seen in the conversation allegedly said, “You’re a low down sh—y quality ass human that is full of himself. You’re scared of who you really are.” After posting the message screenshots to his Twitter page, fans of Perez came to his defense, slamming Versace for trying to out the Mindless Behavior star as gay.

Edit He is also popular for being a member of the highly successful American boy band Mindless Behavior.

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