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'We have also instructed First Group, who operate the tram network, to take any further action necessary to ensure that they are dealing with driver tiredness in order to keep passengers completely safe.' The seven victims of the crash were Dane Chinnery, 19, Philip Logan, 52, Philip Seary, 57, Dorota Rynkiewicz, 35, and Robert Huxley, 63, all from New Addington, and Mark Smith, 35 and Donald Collett, 62, both from Croydon.

A report by the RAIB, the UK's independent body for the investigation of tramway and railway accidents, said it was dark and raining heavily at the time of the crash but there is a reflective board noting the speed restriction.

We had to hit the windows to wake him up.'I think he was there for about two minutes.

If we didn't wake him up he'd have been asleep even longer.'A spokesman for First Group said: 'We are very clear that it is unacceptable for tram drivers to lose concentration, for any reason, during their shift.'We have commenced a full investigation into this incident and will take all appropriate action.'The driver in question has been suspended from duty pending the outcome of this investigation.'We do not tolerate any violation of our safety policies, processes and procedures.'Any employee found to be in contravention of these will face disciplinary action.' Leon Daniels, Managing Director, Surface Transport at Tf L, said: 'We have taken immediate action to refer this footage to the industry regulator, the Office of Rail and Road and the Rail Accident Investigation Branch, for urgent investigation.

A spokesman for the department said: "This is the start of the process to transfer as many eligible children as possible before the start of the clearance, as the Home Secretary set out in Parliament." The young people will be assessed and screened and may be cared for in specialist temporary accommodation for a short period before they are reunited with their loved ones, the Home Office said.

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