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Einen Höhepunkt erreichte diese Entwicklung 1984 mit Fugazi.

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She was named the Associated Press' Entertainer of the Year for 2013.

This article is about books written about the life of Jesus.

The usual way of explaining this is that Mark was written first, and that the authors of Matthew and Luke, acting independently, used Mark plus a collection of sayings called the Q document and additional material unique to each called the M source (Matthew) and the L source (Luke).

The most obvious contrast is between John and the three synoptics: both relate the basic story-line from John the Baptist to the Resurrection of Jesus, but within this overall framework they present completely different pictures of Jesus' career.

This inclination or so-called disposition of the soul, is born of the opinion we hold that a great good or a great evil is contained in an object which in and of itself arouses passion".

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