Consolidating music on itunes

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The night before our interview, he had appeared on The One Show, playing a glass armonica (an unusual instrument in which a series of spinning glass bowls produce musical notes) and looking slightly bamboozled by the show’s format (‘We don’t have anything quite like that at home,’ he says).

Earlier in the day he had managed not to look too put-out when, at the press conference for Bon Jovi’s July show in Hyde Park, many journalists ignored the band to ask a representative from the concert promoters AEG questions about volume levels (last year, several Hyde Park concerts were disrupted by poor sound).

It’s perfect for anyone who uses multiple Macs, and Super Sync also has a bunch of other tricked-out features ...

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However, it soon transpires that, while Bon Jovi is still very much a rock star (perhaps even, if judged solely on album and concert ticket sales, the pre-eminent rock star of his generation), he is much less of a grumpy one these days.

Today he is in full-on ‘charm’ mode; friendly and funny, with a habit of slapping you on the knee when he says something he’s particularly pleased with.

Every household does not require more than a single computer that can run i Tunes.

But, there are cases when it is required to stream videos and music to devices that may be connected all over the house.

The first words he utters are a growled ‘**** off’, when his PR informs him that he needs to have his photo taken.

Consolidating music on itunes

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