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Despite great potential, his career dissipated under the onslaught of his lifestyle. But there’s always somebody who doesn’t give up on you.” Friends stood by him and helped straighten out his life. You always try to be somebody other than who you are. There were always parties and women and booze and drugs.

He compiled a 28-51 record and pitched for the Angels, Phillies, Astros, Pirates and Reds. Anthony’s Hospital where he spoke at the first anniversary of a unit designed to help alcoholics. When we spoke in 1981, Belinsky said he had been sober for 5 1/2 years. At the time, he felt he could handle it.” I followed that with this quote from Belinsky: “Everybody who takes it says, ‘I can handle it; I can deal with it.’ They’re dealing with a loaded gun.” Belinsky told me on that long-ago day that he knew he wasn’t cured.

Definitely no one got more mileage out of the Hollywood/baseball connection. Slick- backed black hair on top of dark good looks made Belinsky look like a pool hall juvenile delinquent from a 1950’s teen movie. While in Trenton, New Jersey, young Bo was, indeed a pool shark, no Fast Eddie Felson, but good enough to make some dough.

It was not a life conducive to long-term health and success, so Belinsky packed up his cue and skidaddled.

But it wasn’t long before his hard living took a toll, and his fall from grace was swift and spectacular.

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